About me...

My passion for Sheltie start when I had my fist special sheltie Uvetta, I was looking for an agility small dog and a friend suggest me the shelties...
Uvetta is a special crazy little blondie girl.
She completely changed my life, after she was with me, I start breeding this special breed, I start make international agility competition, I move my family on a different city... so, yes she completely change my life, and I  can  never thank her enough...


My Family ...

All my life turn around sheltie and working dogs, me and my husband Jonathan compete in agility, I have a small club and I make also seminar around Italy.


Jonathan is really active in the kennel, when I am not at home, he is a prefect substitute of my work with puppies.

We have a strange family, 9 dogs, 1 cat and a bunny, all animals live free in the house and also when we have litters, the puppies, live free in the house, and start know other animals...


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